The Royal Mail do not make it easy to work out the airmail and surface mail costs of parcel delivery to the Rest of the World or the postage required to send postcards to the Rest of the World or letters. This is why we at Postage have put together this easy to use delivery cost calculator so that you don't have to wrestle with the Royal Mail's various tables and charts in order to work out how much it will cost to send things to the Rest of the World from the UK.

** Postage Rates can be used on your mobile device and has been tested on Apple iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Just fill in the form below with details of the type of package / letter you are sending to the Rest of the World and it's size and weight (if not a postcard) and click the "Calculate Postage!" button and it will show you the cost of getting it delivered to via Airmail and Surface Mail.


Enter the details of your parcel or letter


Prices now updated for April 2013
1st class - 60p
2nd class - 50p

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Ebay Postage

Do you buy or sell on Ebay? Did you know that millions of pounds are wasted in excess postage or in fines for insufficient postage? Why waste your money or risk getting poor feedback on Ebay for not putting enough postage on your parcels? By using our free postage cost calculator you don't have to worry about any of these issues!